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TGS 08 picture tour: Tecmo booth

Majed Athab

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Tecmo showed off about a dozen games at TGS this year, though only a few took up actual floor space. Newly revealed games like Quantum Theory and Undead Knights were only shown in trailer form, but other, already known titles like DS Nishimura Kyotaro Suspense 2 Shin Tantei Series (say that five times fast!) took up space as large as an entire side of the squared Tecmo territory. (Perhaps Tecmo needed the extra room just to fit the game's title on the wall.)

Honestly, Tecmo's booth isn't about the games anyway. That's not what draws the crowds. Ask people who visited Tecmo's booth what they loved most and they'll likely respond: booth babes! You'll see what we mean once you take our Tecmo Booth Photo Tour.

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