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The Daily Grind: What could (and should) Blizzard's next-gen MMO be?

Samuel Axon

Blizzard's been talking about new MMOs as of late. Mike Morhaime told about the challenges of launching a new game, and Jeff Kaplan dropped a few hints about the next-gen MMO that the company's been developing for a while now.

Kaplan hinted that the new game will hit consoles, and answered "all of the above" when asked if the genre would be sci-fi, fantasy, or historical. What impression does that give you, readers? Is it a totally new IP? If so, what do you think Blizz will try to do? And just as importantly -- what do you want them to do? What are you looking for in the next Blizzard MMO? World of Starcraft, or something completely different?

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