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Bit players hit it big in Castlevania Judgment


Camilla seems like a minor character in the Castlevania storyline, one of the "other" vampires who appeared as a boss in a few games. She's typically portrayed as a nude, winged woman atop a giant skull. And Golem makes Camilla seem vital -- Golem is nothing more than a vaguely memorable normal enemy! You know, the big guy from Aria of Sorrow who looks like he's made out of logs.

Well, they've both been honored with places in the Castlevania Judgment roster. Camilla's been redesigned so that she's in some clothes, though barely, and Golem is a giant, grotesque science experiment with ampoules sticking out of his back. We have screens of both in action in our gallery.

We haven't seen the latest issue of Nintendo Power, but according to NeoGAF, the remaining Castlevania III characters (Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Grant DaNasty), as well as Cornell the werewolf from Legacy of Darkness, will also be playable.

That transcript also notes that the GameCube controller and Classic Controller will both be supported by Judgment. Considering how much it relies on motion controls, using one of those should basically turn it into a different game.


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