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Dell rolls out Vostro 220, 220s, 420 desktops


Dell's Vostro line may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the company certainly doesn't seem to have any trouble moving 'em out the door, and it's now seen fit to give it's line of Vostro desktops a bit of a refresh. That includes new Vostro 220, 220s (pictured above), and 420 models, which start at a mere $319 but boast enough configuration options to push things up well past the $2,000 mark. The majority of those options are reserved for the full-size 420 model, which includes seven PCI / PCIe expansion slots and an eSATA connector to expand your external storage options. All three can also be configured with optional Blu-ray drives, and a whole host of processors ranging from a lowly Celeron or Pentium Dual-Core to a top-end Core 2 Duo, or even a Core 2 Quad on the 420. Hit up the link below to start configuring.

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