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EA's Riccitiello deems Brtal Legend a 'significant creative risk'


Ever since the corporate Activision blizzard left Double Fine's Brütal Legend without a sturdy home, we've been engaged in an agonizing guessing game -- which publisher is brave enough to tackle the God of GWAR epic? If not MTV, how about the new, debatably less evil EA?

"I have seen it," EA CEO John Riccitiello told Gamasutra. "I am well aware of what the game is. It's a very significant creative risk." Oh, what are you talking about, John? You know what's really popular right now? Guitar Hero. That, and outrageous ultra-violence, as seen in your company's very own Dead Space. Surely a combination of both would yield a powerful, nigh-undodgeable bullet point on the back of Brütal Legend's box?

Mind you, Riccitiello isn't completely averse to "significant creative risks." He added that games described as such could "end up being some of the world's best products." Examples? "Spore was also a significant creative risk. So was The Sims. Portal, BioShock." But before you start reading between the lines, consider his next example: "But so was Grim Fandango."

Ugh, we really dropped the ball on that one, world.

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