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EU patches up at Big Download

Eliah Hecht

When we posted links to the recent patches mirrored on our sister site Big Download yesterday, several of you bemoaned the fact that the European patches were not up yet. Rejoice! Now you can directly download the European 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 patches, without having to muck with the Blizzard downloader.

Currently the German, English, French, and Russian patches are up (the 3.0.2 patch is langugae-specific, while the 3.0.1 patch is not). They promise to have the Spanish patch up within the hour. The Spanish patch is up now too. Also currently only the Windows version of the 3.0.2 patch is available; I'm sure they'll get the Mac version up if and when they can. Remember to apply the patches in order, 3.0.1 first then 3.0.2. Oh, and don't delete your patch files when you're done patching (more on this soon).

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