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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas an Xbox Original

Justin McElroy

You may think you're a big tough guy in Liberty City, but you don't know nothing about the streets. On the streets of San Andreas, danger's around every corner, you spend a surprising amount of time on bicycles and you can get fat in like an hour ... like really fat. It's no joke in the SA, it's for real.

If you think that, unlike b****es, you can hang with the streets, you have your shot: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now an Xbox Original, available for 1200 MS Points ($15). Just don't blame us when the fire department has to carry your tubby ass out of your house with a forklift. That's the streets.

Update: San Andreas will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace starting Monday, October 20, 2008

[Thanks, Harith]

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