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Sony Ericsson apparently revives W595s at the last moment, directs it to Orange

Darren Murph

You can never be too sure about these things, but unless our eyes are deceiving us badly, Sony Ericsson has performed a successful round of CPR on its once-thought-to-be-canned W595s. The music-lovin' handset will reportedly be available exclusively on Orange and come initially in Dusty Blue. We're told that it boasts a 3.2-megapixel camera, front-panel music control buttons, built-in FM tuner, Bluetooth, an M2 memory card slot and an availability date of "now" in Romania. Keep an eye out at your local Orange store to see if this really is being exhumed en masse -- just make sure to dust off the soil before using it.

[Via SEMC Blog]

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