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Universal lays out specs, box art for Wanted on Blu-ray


Universal already called its shot, with a "What The Matrix did for DVD, this could do for Blu-ray" proclamation before Wanted even hit theaters so we're not surprised by the long list of extras in store. The Blu-ray version gets four U-control exclusive features, with My Chat, My Scenes and commentary maker BD-Live extras to boot. Springing for the Collector's Edition? Expect some collectible postcards and a lenticular scene thrown in, with 1080p MPEG-4 encoded video and DTS-HD MA audio to make sure the viewing experience lives up to expectations. Even with a $135 million box office haul to its name we don't know if all the hype is deserved, but if Angelina Jolie and guns interest you, the package is due December 2, MSRP $39.98 standard, $69.98 CE.

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