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8 new HD channels added to AT&T's U-verse lineup

Darren Murph

We're sure most every HD-lovin' U-verse customer out there would agree that it's been far too long since AT&T laid out some new content, so we're equally certain that those very users will be absolutely elated to hear this. Apparently without any official word, the provider has dished out (or will soon dish out, in some regions) eight new high-def stations, with "loads more" on the way. As of now, some subscribers are already seeing MGM HD (1116), Smithsonian HD (1118), FX HD (1128), ABC Family HD (1178), FOX News HD (1210), FOX Business HD (1211), The Weather Channel HD (1225) and MOJO HD (1114) on the EPG. We really have to question that last add, however, particularly since it's being done away with in December. At any rate, we'd encourage any avid U-verse user to hit the read link for the supposed master list of channels to launch on November 3rd. It's pretty massive.

[Thanks, Anthony]

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