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DViCO's TViX-HD 6500 eats Blu-ray rips for breakfast, spits 'em out via HDMI

Darren Murph

Nearly two full years after DViCO introduced its TiVX 5010-P HDTV recorder, along comes a new duo in the line to finally up the ante. But it's not the infantile TViX R-2230 ($399; pictured) that we're really interested in -- though it can play back ripped VOB / ISO files. Rather, it's the $599 TViX-HD 6500, which also includes support for playing back Blu-ray backups via HDMI. We'll spare you the legal spill, but for those too frightened to potentially scratch their precious Blu-ray Discs, this looks to be the unit for you. So far as specs go, you'll find HDMI 1.3, component, S-Video and composite jacks, support for a smorgasbord of file formats, a USB port for loading up media from flash drives / external HDDs and an optional digital TV tuner to boot. Why do we get the feeling both of these things will be next to impossible to locate in the US?

[Thanks, Geller]

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