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State of the Game reveals Blazing Sun Knights, Black Guards coming to WAR

Michael Zenke

It's been a full month since the launch of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, and general manager for Mythic Entertainment Mark Jacobs has now offered up the 'first annual' State of the Game address to players. After opening with a heartfelt thank-you to the 750,000 players in the game and some cheering about the game's explosive growth, he quickly went on to talk about the major issues the team will be addressing in the near future.
  • The Empire's Knights of the Blazing Sun and the Dark Elven Black Guards will be entering the game in December! Jacobs reiterates previous comments that the cut classes will not be introduced for a fee, and further states that their introduction will be accompanied by a unique in-game event.
  • The team is hard at work on stability and crash-proofing for players. The upcoming 1.1 patch will address a bevy of issues, including the frustrating crash-to-desktop issue and stuttering.
  • A molasses-like mail system still plagues the game, something the team is taking very seriously.
  • RvR players will see retweaking to itemization and rewards across the game, with the 1.1 patch improving gear drops, drop rates, and even implementing a new RvR-based influence system to accompany the PQ influence system we've already seen.
  • The Combat and Classes team has been hard at work since the game launched, and numerous professions are going to see their abilities and gameplay tweaked in the coming months.
  • Other highlights include: massive improvements to the chat system (including item linking), target of target, and even free server transfers to further get people where they want to be as regards server balance.
The Warhammer Herald has the full details of Jacobs' first State of the Game, an auspicious outlay of plans for a game that's already had a lot of early-term success. Check it out.
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