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Luxpro finally countersues Apple over the Super Tangent iPod shuffle clone

Nilay Patel

Hey, remember the Luxpro Super Shuffle / Super Tangent? That Taiwanese KIRF of the original iPod shuffle? Back in 2005 it ruffled some feathers in Cupertino with an appearance at CeBIT, went under a slight redesign, and was eventually brought to court by Apple's lawyers, prompting Luxpro to vow vengeance -- and nearly two years later, it's finally filed that promised countersuit against Apple. The suit alleges that Apple uses unfair tactics to squash competitors as part of its "unending aspiration" to maintain a monopoly in the PMP game, and throws in a dash of that never-works iTunes-tying argument for good measure. Luxpro also says the Super Tangent was "obviously" different than the original iPod shuffle (uh, sure) and that Apple was just being a bully when it tried to get the Super Shuffle removed from trade shows and importer lists. We'll see how this one plays out -- we've got a feeling it'll end pretty quickly.

[Thanks, Mark]

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