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PopStar Guitar's slip-on fret sheath exposed

Tim Stevens

Okay, so the prophylactic jokes are strong with this one, but bear with us as we attempt to stick to the straight and narrow about XS Games' PopStar Guitar for Wii. It's a game that, if this were an SAT exam, would be to Guitar Hero as Mini-KISS is to KISS: somewhat short of the real thing. The screen shots look rather simplistic and, of course, familiar, but what stands out is the sheath accessory that slips onto your Wiimote, giving you four (yes, just four) fret buttons to manipulate while you "strum" with the Nunchuck. After a few hours of this we think you're more likely to be in a wrist brace than rock 'n roll heaven. It's an experience you can feel for yourself when the game hits stores at the end of the month.

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