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The Daily Grind: Do you ever just think about quitting?

Samuel Axon

There's been a bit of talk about quitting MMOs these past days, including an interview discussing the fact that when many Age of Conan players quit, they didn't return to World of Warcraft or any other game -- that was it. They were done. No more MMOs.

If you're satisfied with MMOs as they are, of course feel free to chime in as always, but today's Daily Grind is a special one -- we want to give a shout out to the folks who just don't think this genre is living up to its potential. Maybe you played older games and don't like current, post-EverQuest trends. Maybe you didn't play older games, but you have some idea in your head about how things could be done differently in the future. In either case, you're disenchanted -- so do you ever think about just quitting? Have you already quit? And what would it take to prevent you from leaving, or to get you back if you've already gone?

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