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AT&T postcard hints at HD Premium Tier... for a cost

Darren Murph

More HD is always good, but it's not always free. AT&T just gifted many of its markets with eight high-def newcomers, but it seems that some future HD additions may fall into a newfangled "HD Premium Tier." A number of California-based U-verse subscribers have received a postcard notifying them that beginning on November 10th, Universal HD (1104) will be moving to the aforesaid tier. It also informs users that if they wish to continue receiving the channel, they'll need to "upgrade their current package." The plan is so new that some CSRs weren't even aware of what subscribers were referring to when they called to investigate, but suffice it to say, it looks like you'll soon be paying more to keep all of those HD channels around on U-verse.

[Thanks, Anthony]

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