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AT&T's Watson wants you to talk your TV into changing the channel


AT&T's been cobbling together a voice recognition system for decades, affectionally known as Watson. The good news is that unlike most every other voice recognition system out there, AT&T's might be useful for, you know, stuff. AT&T's working on making your plain-language utterances into real-life gadget actions, and has built a voice-operated TV remote to make the idea a reality. Built to operate the U-verse service, AT&T's new mythical remote lets you ask for whatever comedies might be on, or -- in the inexplicable example cited by our source article -- search for movies starring Bruce Willis, all using your voice in regular person sentences. AT&T's also working with other developers to build applications like a yellow pages app for the iPhone. There's no word on when (or if) AT&T will actually offer up the remote for consumer use, or when other applications are due to hit the mainstream, but we must say we're ready for the tide to shift in human-computer interaction, where the computer does the heavy lifting. Because we have some Bruce Willis movies to watch.

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