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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending October 12th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Once again Iron Man topped the Nielsen VideoScan charts courtesy of Home Media Magazine, but that is the most surprising news this week. Although Sleeping Beauty isn't exactly the quintessential example of a Blu-ray demographic title, we expected it to garner more than a nine percent of DVD's market share. For starters has mass appeal, but more importantly, the Blu-ray version included the DVD as well. Considering you got all that for about $10 more, it lead us to believe it'd sell better on Blu-ray then it did. Obviously the combination of getting both versions for a few dollars more wasn't as popular as many expected. We're not saying say Blu-ray had a bad week, because the revenues for this week were only second to last week (all time). We do expect next week to be better though, because Kingdom of the Crystal Skull should sell pretty well. Sure, it won't sell anywhere near as well as Iron Man did its first week, but that isn't saying much, as Iron Man is the current record holder. A record it will continue to hold until December 9th when the Dark Knight is released.

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