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LG bringing Secret, mid-range slider to AT&T?

Chris Ziegler

We've heard some rumblings that AT&T was keen on picking up the Secret to shore up its high-end featurephone lineup, and that's being corroborated by what other sites are hearing as well -- all told, that leaves LG in a pretty enviable position with the 800-pound gorilla of the US GSM market, presumably launching the sexy (well, arguably sexy) Incite smartphone alongside one of the smartest-looking 5-megapixel handsets in the market today. The Secret clone, model number CF750, should apparently feature the same high-end cam, thin shell, 3G, and touchscreen as its European brother, simply swapping bands to make the package a little more palatable to a North American audience. Moving downmarket a little bit, the CF360 looks to be a lower-end piece that'll do duty in AT&T's rank-and-file lineup -- in other words, it'll basically print money. We're cool with all this, but seriously, guys, can we tighten up the European to North American technology transfer just a little bit? No? Too much to ask?

[Via phoneArena, thanks alex]

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