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Vizio emerges from the tanning bed with copper-toned LCDs

Steven Kim

Okay, Vizio, we're fine with your jostling upward in the TV product space, but please do it through improving product performance rather than slapping copper-colored bezels on your wares. The "J" in the VOJ320F and VOJ370F model numbers is for "java," and you can guess that the rest of the alphabet soup calls out 32-inch and 37-inch sizes and 1080p resolution (Full HD). You'll also get 2 HDMI inputs on the 32-incher and 3 on the 37-inch model. Who knows, maybe these will play well alongside champage colored gear in Asia, but we'll stick with black for the bezel and keep the copper in our chassis, thanks. But if you think brown is the next black, vote with your wallet to the tune of $649 or $849 for the 32-inch or 37-inch models, respectively.

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