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Capcom to release Mega Man 9 DLC this Thursday


We feel bad for our old friend Mega Man. It looks like, in spite of being both a boy and a robot, he has somehow started to lactate. Why do we say that? Because Capcom is milking him for all he's worth. This Thursday, three new pieces of DLC will be available for this ever-growing retro-styled game. Will fans continue to shell out their dough?
  • Hard Mode – Dubbed Hero Mode in Japan, this mode enables you to play the entire game on an increased difficulty level with alternate enemy distribution and spawning points. Hard Mode is not compatible with Rankings or Challenges Modes.
  • Expert Mode – Dubbed Super Hero Mode Japan, this mode represents the apex of Mega Man 9 difficulty settings and is not for the novice Mega Man 9 player. This mode triples the level of difficulty from the default Mega Man 9 game. Expert Mode is not compatible with Rankings or Challenges Modes.
  • Special Time Attack Stage – This DLC gives you an additional stage for Time Attack Mode, complete with an all new level and Robot Master Boss, "Fake Man." Similar in difficulty to the Willy Stages, players will have a fun time tackling this time sensitive competitive stage. Special Time Attack Stage is not compatible with Challenge Mode.


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