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    Dell's Latitude E6400 reviewed: lovely, save for minor annoyances

    Darren Murph

    If your Latitude D630 is growing a bit long in the tooth, it sounds like the Latitude E6400 is the perfect replacement. Critics over at NotebookReview had no qualms mentioning the unit's strengths, from the rugged chassis to the excellent port assortment to the remarkable 19-hour battery life. Of course, it did point the majority of the review at business-minded users, but it's not like you're really looking at the Latitude line to run Crysis, anyway. Overall, reviewers couldn't find any "major reason" to dislike the E6400, though it couldn't help but mention a smattering of "minor annoyances." Like, you ask? Frustrating ControlPoint software, a less-than-awesome trackpoint / touchpoint and a general build quality that made the unit "feel less durable than it really [was]." If you can overlook those gripes, however, you could be staring at a winner.

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