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Massively in Moria: Hands on with the Warden

Shawn Schuster

The Warden is one of the two new classes releasing in Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria on November 18th. It is considered a tank of sorts, yet uses medium leather armor instead of plate, and wields both a spear for melee combat, and a javelin for ranged combat. They're considered the guardian angels of Middle-earth, and specialize in special skill combinations called Gambits that can let the player adjust their skill needs on the fly, according to a particular situation. While they may not be the heaviest hitters or the most heavily-armored, their flexibility and adaptability in combat is where the Warden really shines.

After spending several weeks in the Moria beta, we're going to approach this article as a hands-on piece, without spending too much time with stats and figures. Turbine has just released a dev diary showcasing the Warden with a wonderful summary of the basics of the class. We highly recommend using that article as a learning tool, and this one as our general impressions of the Warden in certain situations. We'll go through some of the skills that you'll get with the higher-level Warden, explain some useful Gambits, discuss solo-ability vs. group play and then give our final impressions. Follow along through the link below to see what we thought.

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