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Rock Band 2: Great news about SD cards, vague news about Guitar Hero World Tour guitars


MTV's Patrick Klepek allowed readers to submit questions for him to ask Harmonix about Rock Band 2, and luckily for us, people were curious about the details of the Wii version. Klepek got real, concrete answers about DLC -- and less concrete answers about instrument compatibility.

First, the good news: like its competitor, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Band 2 allows players to run songs directly from an SD card. No need to scour the fridge! This contradicts what we'd heard previously, but we don't mind because it's awesome.

The less good news is that Harmonix didn't have a straight answer about compatibility between Rock Band 2 and World Tour's bizarro touch-pad-equipped guitar. That doesn't mean it won't work, just that ... maybe they don't know yet. At least Guitar Hero III guitars will probably be available cheaply.

[Screen via IGN]

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