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Dr. Phil solves our online gaming addiction problems

Shawn Schuster

On this past Monday's episode, the Dr. Phil Show explored online gaming addiction with some special guests who have lived through some nightmare situations. As is expected with a daytime TV show like this, the focus was on the negative effects of online gaming on families, finances and a person's well-being. Maybe they need to do a show on the dangers of watching daytime TV all day?

We'd imagine you could guess our views on something like this, and we'd assume that most of you share this same opinion. Sure, genuine addiction that leads to a total neglect of responsibilities is a serious issue, but when non-gamers see something like this, they jump to conclusions about how all online gamers are addicts. As someone once pointed out in the comments section of a previous post on this same issue, anything can become an addiction. You can become addicted to exercise with the exact same results as we see on this show. Regardless, this issue will continue to be showcased by the major media as online gaming's popularity grows. Check out an interesting post-show development from one of that episode's guests, and share with us some of your thoughts on the subject.

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