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Mamiya's DL28 digital camera system is slightly cheaper than you'd think

Samuel Axon

We know you want a pro-friendly medium format digital camera -- so do we -- but they're awfully expensive, aren't they? You might have to think about dropping as much as $30,000 one of these babies if you're the discerning type, but Mamiya is trying to convince you that you can save a few thousand dollars and still get results. Enter the DL28 digital camera system, which combines the body of the well-established 645 with Leaf's Aptus-II 6 digital back. It's got 16-bit capture, a 12-stop dynamic range, an ISO range of 50 - 800, and a fancy 3.5-inch touch screen at price of $15,000, appropriate for cash-strapped professionals and financially comfortable hobbyists -- unless Nikon has something to say about it.

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