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Massively's tour of Dungeons and Dragons Online Module 8

Michael Zenke

We here at Massively love MMOs big and small. We have a special fondness for games that do things just a touch differently, though, so it should be no surprise that we're big fans of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Turbine's action/adventure MMO is a very different animal from your average fantasy game. It's fantastically beautiful, innovate, and coming soon it'll have a whole new passle of content for players new and old. If you've been reading along with the site you've probably already seen Massively's guide to the new player experience coming in DDO Module 8. We also had the chance to go on an extensive walkthrough of the new high end content, and that's what we're bringing to you today!

Join us as we explore the depths of the Reaver's Refuge, crawl through the Monastery of the Scorpion, and attempt to rescue a dragon from a band of fearsome Frost Giants! We'll run through all the new features in the module, from rune armor to hirelings! We also highly recommend checking out DDOcast's guide to the hirelings and the entire module patch notes from the Dungeons and Dragons Online test realm.

But first, take the tour of all-new module 8 content, courtesy of

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