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Red Fly talks Mushroom Men


We're amazed that Red Fly has managed to finish Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars in time for its November 11th release. Whenever we check in on the game, someone from the studio always seems to be showing the press the latest build, or taking gamers behind the scenes, or chatting to us. Sincerely though, we appreciate the attention, chaps (and Shiggy never returns our calls).

Interactions Design Lead James Clarendon is the latest to be thrust in front of the camera and show off Red Fly's baby, and a mighty fine job he does too. Amongst other things, Clarendon shows us the tutorial level, the clever home-made weapons, the slightly grotesque life meter, and the "SCAV" system. You may have seen much of this before if you've been following the game closely, but now it's all condensed into this one walkthrough. And when is it not a good time to watch Mushroom Men? Never, that's when.


[Via press release]

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