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Sprint WebCapTel On the Go brings call transcription to the mobile

Darren Murph

Sprint has just made its WebCapTel service even better. In an effort to provide greater accessibility to Americans with hearing loss, the carrier has introduced the aforementioned service to allow "hard of hearing customers to read word-for-word captions on Windows Mobile 6 web browsers," and for what it's worth, it's also compatible with Safari 2.0. The free web-based system enables hearing impaired individuals to make a call using two phones -- one of which is used for reading captions while the other is used for listening and speaking. The process seems simple enough; before making a call, the user would log onto on one device in order to receive the transcription of the discussion on the other. It's available now for calls made within the US (and its Territories).

[Via RCRWireless]

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