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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best pre-fab HTPC?

Darren Murph

The dedicated HTPC may not be quite as "mainstream" as it was in years past, but there's still a solid sect of people who want a full-fledged box running beneath their HDTV. There's also a subset of those people with no extra time to build their own. Thus, we present Chester's question:

"I'm tired of looking at media streaming options and I've decided I just want a dedicated HTPC connected to my HDTV. I'm not much into PC building, so I was hoping to buy a pre-fabricated unit from a company that sells media PCs. Which is my best option? CableCARD support would be preferred. Thanks for any advice."

Time to drop the gloves and speak your minds, people. What HTPC should this fellow splurge on? One of Dell's boxes? What about Okoro Media Systems? Niveus for the ballers? Sound off below!

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