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BBC HD listens to viewers, tones down DOG usage

Darren Murph

DOG, you know, as in digital on-screen graphics? Those absurdly annoying logos that clutter up the screen when you're trying to enjoy a program? Yeah, those. According to a new post on the BBC's official blog, it has listened to the scads of complainers and has taken action to address the concerns. Assuming no technical issues crop up, the "majority" of BBC HD content will be aired DOG-free starting this weekend, and on the material that isn't, the logo will be toned down to "the lowest level that [Auntie Beeb] can while allowing it to remain visible." The author does note that these changes are, um, subject to change, but we can't help but commend her on standing up for the viewing community and keeping the DOGs at bay.

[Via TechRadar]

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