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First Look: cliqcliq Colors


Colors is a palette generator and editor for the iPhone and iPod touch which updated yesterday to version 1.1 with new features which make it a truly useful tool for working with those hues, tints and shades we come across every day.

Colors is primarily directed at web designers and those working with RGB and Hex colors. It allows conversion between RGB, HSB and grayscale, as well as integer and floating point scales for other screen applications. As of version 1.1, Colors can handle saving multiple palettes, each containing up to 12 colors and saved with individual labels. Manipulating palettes is as easy as dragging sliders and pulling swatches into the color wells at the bottom of the screen. Palettes can be emailed to yourself (or anyone else, with multiple recipients possible) in Photoshop and Illustrator palette formats, accompanied by a bitmap image and a text file of RGB and Hex numbers for each color.

Perhaps the slickest new feature in version 1.1 is the ability to work with photos, either from your iPhone or iPod touch's library, or directly from the iPhone camera. Colors automatically generates palettes based on the visible portion of the image, regenerating whenever the image is zoomed or panned. I found that Colors did a great job of pulling the essential tones from the image, although the palettes tend to default to somewhat subdued colors even when the source image is saturated and vibrant. That's easily fixed with a little post-processing on the palette, using the saturation and brightness sliders in the HSB tab of the editor.

Colors 1.1 is available at the App Store for $2.99USD. If you're in the business of colors, at least those in the RGB gamut, it's worth checking out.

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