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German scientists think LEDs are the new Botox

Samuel Axon

All of us here at Engadget are young, beautiful, and vigorous, but we understand that time is not always as kind to everyone else as it has been to us -- that's why we're giving you the heads up that German scientists claim that they can restore your youth in a whole new way. Researchers Andrei P. Sommer and Dan Zhu say that they were able to reduce wrinkles by subjecting a test subject's skin to regular ol' LED lights daily over a period of several months. It seems that at a certain intensity the light dives into skin tissue and alters the molecular structure of water that would otherwise immobilize elastin, a protein that keeps skin healthy and, y'know, elastic. The researchers believe the tech can be "converted to deep body rejuvenation programs," which we assume entails more than just taping our faces to our LED-backlit screens -- but we'll try it just in case.

[Via The Earth Times]

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