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New FF XIII and Versus XIII scans show TGS Closed Theater images

Majed Athab

If you've read about our Square Enix Closed Mega Theater trailer impressions during our coverage of TGS, then you may have been left wanting to have seen those trailers for yourself. While you can't anymore see them the way we did, we've got the next best thing: pictures. New scans for both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII show off images which debuted in the Closed Theater.

In the image above, we see the two most prominent Versus characters engaged in their voiceless conversation. While in the FF XIII image posted after the break, you'll (hardly) see the new Sephiroth-like female character; you'll just see the back of her head. She's the image second from the bottom in the lower left corner. Wait a minute. Sephiroth-like female character? Voiceless conversation? What are you talking about, dude? If you don't know, then you better read those trailer impressions. Also, check out larger versions of the scans here.

Click for full Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer impression
Click for full Final Fantasy XIII trailer impression

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