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New "Get a Mac" ad: Bake Sale

Cory Bohon

Continuing with their recent bashing of Vista, Apple has released yet another "Get a Mac" ad. In Bake Sale [direct video link], PC is selling bake goods to raise money in order to "fix Vista." Mac asks why, and PC goes on to explain that the marketing team decided to run an "expensive ad campaign instead of fixing Vista." Mac then offers to help out by buying a cupcake ... a 10 million dollar cupcake.

If there was any doubt about these ads being a response to the Microsoft ads, this one should definitely settle it. In our last post, we took a poll to see if anyone was tired of these Get a Mac ads -- currently 58.2% of the people that voted say they still like them.

You can watch this new ad by visiting the Apple website, or by using the link to the video file.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

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