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Wrath of the Lich King zombie plague covering Azeroth

Though the gaming industry fat cats have yet to seriously address our demands for a zombie-themed MMO (do we need to throw another demand-wrapped brick through the front window?) tonight's event in World of Warcraft has given us something close. You see, Arthas – the titular Lich King – is sort of a jerk and, as such, he's planted a bunch of "Conspicuous Crates" around the land of Azeroth. Open one: You're a zombie! Touch another zombie? Bam! You're a zombie.

If this plague sounds familiar, we'd direct you towards this post from 2005 (lo those many years ago) detailing an unintentional plague that spread through Azeroth (and the servers that power it). Blizzard has, in short, taken that "Blood Plague" and harnessed it as a world event, similar to the Scourge invasion that preceded the release of The Burning Crusade. Unsurprisingly, WoW Insider has all the details, reporting, "The threat is growing -- we're getting word of huge zombie raids forming outside the capital cities ..."

Shhh. You had us at "huge zombie raids."

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