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Zombies in Azeroth: A night of terror

Mike Schramm

There is a slowly growing chaos on the realms right now -- in the far reaches of Outland and even Azeroth, things are as normal, but slowly a plague creeps across the land. Westfall has fallen on many servers, and even our greatest leaders have become infected themselves, and the hordes continue to grow and lurch in search of living flesh.

Below you can see the sights of tonight's Zombie invasion. Someone has put some curious infested crates in Booty Bay, and as a result, Azeroth's population, NPCs and players alike, are slowly becoming something even worse than dead. If you've got some great screenshots of tonight's festivities, send them in to our tip line -- we'll be adding to this gallery of the zombie world event in the days to come... assuming we live that long.

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Thanks to all the folks who sent us pictures for the gallery above: Chuck, Southpaw of I Hate This Guild, Moopie of Jaedenar, Vipermagi, Royastrasz of The Scarlet March on Maelstrom, Clayton, Matt, Bewbsies, Uther Kruger, Salacia of Firetree, Ambassador Miy, Rawlok, Destiny's Hand, Death by Cupcake on Twisting Nether, Grink from Whisperwind, Aelei, E Gray, Trevor Brader, Paul Astley, Itsnoteasy of Hyjal, Reinyan of Alea Iacta Est on Earthen Ring, Roger Burton, Darkslide of EU Wildhammer, Reign of Honor, Thesian on EU Eonar, Wobble, Moogoogaipan.

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