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Atlus eyes Ys for DS in North America

Jason Dobson

Ys-y for you to say, eh? Eh? Atlus will bring the recent DS remakes of Nihon Falcom's flagship Ys role-playing series to North America on February 10, 2009. Even better, instead of releasing the two titles individually as they were sold in Japan, the publisher plans to bundle the games together as Legacy of Ys: Books I & II. Samuel Mullen, project lead for Legacy of Ys, tells Joystiq that the team "worked closely with the developer to offer both games, Books I and II, on a single DS cartridge."

The package is a pint-sized version of Ys Eternal, which was released on the PC in Japan in 1997, and was itself a rehash of Turbo Duo classic, Ys Book I & II. The series has never garnered the same sort of cult status that it's enjoyed in Japan, but we nonetheless welcome the addition to our DS library, if only for the music (some of which can be heard in the video above) alone.

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