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Fieldrunners: DTD for iPhone

Mat Lu

Yes, I am one of those people.: the bleary-eyed Desktop Tower Defense addicts. The game concept is simple, but remarkably addictive. A series of creatures is attempting to get from the left to the right side of the playing field. You get a limited budget to build various kinds of weapons towers to prevent them from getting across. The more you kill, the more money you get to build more towers.

We've covered various implementations of the basic concepts, like Hordes of Orcs for the Mac. But now this sublime time-suck has an excellent iPhone version in Fieldrunner from Subatomic Studios (App Store link). Sticking to the tried and true gameplay, you have the option of placing four different types of towers (each of which can also be upgraded for additional cost). There are several different kind of enemies (some walking, some on wheels, some flying), each of which is more or less susceptible to the various towers.

The game responds more or less exactly how you would expect. You can zoom in and out with standard iPhone gestures to place your towers with more detail. Towers are positioned by dragging them onto the field from slots below. Each tower already in play can be tapped to bring up a menu to either sell it or upgrade it (if you've got the cash). The graphics are attractive (especially when zoomed in) and responsive. The biggest thing missing is sound, but since I prefer my own music anyway that's not much of a loss. In any case, they promise sound effects are coming in a future version along with new enemies and new towers.

Fieldrunner is $4.99 on the App Store, and worth every penny if you're a DTD fan. Check out some more images after the jump.

[via Infinite Loop]

Here's a typical game field that I've filled with towers:

Here's a zoomed in view:

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