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Microsoft's Xbox division turns Q1 profit, ships 2.2 million consoles


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Good news, everybody (concerned with the financial prosperity of a gigantic corporation)! Microsoft's fiscal Q1 2009 results, which cover the three-month period ending September 30th, 2008, show that its Entertainment and Devices Division -- the same one responsible for the entertaining device known as the Xbox 360 -- managed to turn a profit once again. According to, quarterly income rose to $178 million, an approximate 6.6% increase over last year's $167 million.

In less financially fortuitous news, overall sales were down from $1.929 billion to $1.814 billion (no Halo 3 this year, remember?) compared to Q1 2008, and revenue from the Xbox 360 and PC platforms went down by 22%. Though Microsoft still shifted 2.2 million consoles, the EDD was greatly aided by sales of Mac software, mobile device applications and the Zune. Seriously, people, we can't keep making fun of it if you actually go and buy the darn thing.

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