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Phat Loot Phriday: Goblin Rocket Launcher

Mike Schramm

Just another good reason to be an engineer.

Name: Goblin Rocket Launcher (Wowhead, Thottbot, Crafter's Tome)
Type: Rare Engineering Trinket
Damage/Speed: N/A
  • +45 Stamina, which marks this thing as a PvP trinket, basically.
  • On use: Fires a powerful rocket at the enemy that does 906 to 1440 damage and stuns them for 3 seconds. Which is as awesome as it sounds -- the rocket blasts out of the gun, flies with a firey trail towards the target and then boom. It can also crit, and we're told it's affected by haste and crit, so the better your specs, the better it'll do.
  • There's a big five second cast, however, so it's better to use this either when enemies are just coming into range, or when they're leaving it. It does also generate threat, so theoretically it could be used as a pulling tool. The two-minute cooldown would make that hard to do often (not to mention that anyone tanking endgame probably wouldn't want to waste a trinket slot with this), but if you want to pull with flash, there you go.
  • There is one drawback -- firing it will do a quick knockdown on you, so you'll need a second or two to get up. Hitting this thing under pressure is a bad idea. But if you've got one more enemy to tag and aren't getting hit yourself, it's a very nice ranged attack.
  • It's a fun little toy, too. There's no limit on how many time you fire it (just the cooldown), so you can hit it every two minutes for some extra ranged damage.
How to Get It: As you might imagine for something this awesome, the requirements are going to be big. You'll need engineering 350 to make equip and use it, and you'll need to be a Goblin engineer (the recipe just comes from Goblin engineering trainers in the Barrens and Tanaris). You ready for the entire recipes list? Broken down into their component parts, you'll need 120 Adamantite Ore, six Khorium Ore, 24 Fel Iron Ore, eight Eternium Ore, two Thorium Ore, two Arcane Crystals (which means two Arcanite Transmutes), two Ironweb Spider Silk, seventy Motes of Fire, and sixty Motes of Earth. So either you'll be grinding out quite a bit, or you'll be spending a goodly amount on the AH for all that stuff.

But get it all together, make the Rocket Launcher, and start shooting, Tex.

Getting Rid of It: This is pretty much an item you keep, even if just for kicks. Vendors will only give you 2g 25s for it. It is BoE, so you can try to sell it on the AH, but considering the grocery list of mats you'll need to buy or otherwise find, and the high requirements to actually use the thing, it's very, very unlikely you'll find a market willing to pay what it's worth. Sell Mechanical Squirrels instead.

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