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Pioneer releases colored bezel Kuros to Europe

Steven Kim

This must be the new trend in TVs -- Pioneer has released its own colored bezel Kuro models in Europe, but rather than make the tint an option, it's been elevated to "feature" level through limited production runs. Only 1,000 lucky folks will bring home the Beige Grisé KRP-500ABG, while the membership roll for the White KRP-500AW will be less exclusive at 1,500. Don't be alarmed, the "Kuro" name only applies to the image, not the set itself -- as Pioneer demonstrated earlier this year with its Shiro Kuro set. Other than the bezel, these are looking identical to their "any color, as long as it's black" brethren, including the media receivers tethered by a single cable. If this trend continues, we'll soon see a new cottage industry based on retrofit colored-bezels.

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