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Pirates of the Burning Sea is movin' on up

Shawn Schuster

In the newest dev diary for Pirates of the Burning Sea, we get quite an update regarding the state of the game as well as what the future may hold. There's word of the PotBS team's recent studio upgrade in Seattle, which will directly influence productivity in the game's development. There's also the addition of new employees and of course the revamp to the avatar combat system that we mentioned last week.

This revamp is the Flying Labs team's largest concern right now, as they say they've been planning to go back and re-examine the sword fighting from day one. Since ship combat got it's own rebuild, the avatar system will go through a similar re-balance to account for the new system. After this revamp is complete, they will focus on new features such as the in-progress skirmish and player-governed ports. This has inspired them to take on a whole new enthusiasm for an aggressive advertising campaign, so you can expect to see much more from PotBS in the near future.

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