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Variety: Legendary Pictures in talks to buy Epic Games


Post-Brash media clash news now, with Variety's Ben Fritz passing on word from "multiple sources close to the companies" that film financier Legendary Pictures is in talks to acquire Gears of War developer Epic Games. There's very little concrete information beyond that, save for the obvious observation that Epic and its widely used Unreal 3 engine would make for a worthwhile, albeit expensive, purchase.

Legendary Pictures declined to comment on the story, while Epic Games politely dodged the issue: "We have publicly announced that Epic and Legendary are partnering on the "Gears of War" movie. We're very excited about that project and have the highest regard for Thomas Tull and his organization."

According to an earlier Variety report, Legendary Pictures has also had its hand in financing the impending Gears of War film, helmed by Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman and slated for release in 2009. We can't confirm who any of the cast members are yet, as we're still waiting for their face textures to pop in.

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