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Word of mouth key to bringing Age of Conan players back, says Craig Morrison

Adrian Bott

Since Craig 'Sirillon' Morrison took over as the director of Age of Conan, even the gnarliest curmudgeon would have trouble claiming that things hadn't changed for the better. They might not have changed enough for some people's tastes, but work has been done and is still ongoing. Now, Craig talks to (at considerable length) about AoC, the changes that have been made and those that are yet to come.

Although there's plenty of information, there isn't all that much new information; players will be glad to know that the hope is for the PvP consequence system to go live 'early next week, if not this week' with Ymir's Pass following soon after.

When it comes to enticing back lost subscriptions, Craig places great value on word of mouth among the players themselves, observing that people who are having a good time in AoC will naturally pass on that information: '... that's what we focus on - making the game as good as we possibly can, so that our own players become advocates for the game.'

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