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Crapgadget: not-even-suitable-for-gag-gifts edition

Darren Murph

We all know the holiday season is coming up, but even if you're on the hunt for a gag gift for your fav-o-rite prankster, we can't not recommend the following turds enough. Up first is the absolutely unbelievable Night Sweat Alarm watch, which actually wakes you up if it detects that you're perspiring. Why? Legend has it that no one knows. Moving on, we've got the USB Volcano -- a perfect mix of your first-grade science project and your college-era infatuation with all things USB. Things start to get really absurd when viewing the self-explanatory Glass of Milk Light and the Retro Handy Handset, but even those are potentially topped in stupidity by the Air Flow Mouse and cake-shaped USB drives. Have a look at each below before casting your vote, but keep that barf bag handy.

Read - Sweat Alarm watch
Read - USB Volcano
Read - Glass of Milk Light
Read - Retro Handy Handset
Read - Air Flow Mouse
Read - Cake-shaped USB drive


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