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Player reactions to WoW zombie plague are both positive and negative

Kyle Horner

What do you do when a developer takes strides to do something dynamic and interesting in a typically static virtual world like World of Warcraft? Many people seem to be enjoying the rare chance to spread a zombiefying plague across lands both friend and foe. Others, however, are not happy at all. It seems as though in a world that's mostly static, many want it to stay that way. took a look at player reactions on the official World of Warcraft forums and what they found was a slightly mixed response. While our guess is that this is a vocal minority, some players are calling this temporary event a contradiction to the very notion of PvE servers. While that may be true if this were a permanent change, it's an event, and with the launch of war upon Lich King Arthas, we'd like to think that some people would be a bit more accepting of a one-time-only experience like this one. Oh well, at least it looks like most are enjoying their brain-eating moments.

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