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Ontario police turn to Xbox Live to find missing CoD4 player

Brandon Crisp, a 15-year-old Barrie, Ontario native and avid gamer, has been missing since October 11. Crisp stormed out of his home shortly after his parents, afraid for the teen's social well-being due to his proclivity for Call of Duty 4, took away his Xbox 360. Since Crisp's disappearance, several groups have made major efforts to try and locate the teen -- including Microsoft, who donated $25,000 to a reward fund for anyone with information on Crisp's whereabouts.

Following the suspicions of Crisp's parents, the cyber crimes unit of the Ontario Police are now turning to an unlikely source for leads -- Brandon's Xbox Live friends list. Fearing that one of his clanmates might have something to do with his disappearance, police asked Microsoft to breach their own privacy protocols to reveal the personal information of Xbox Live subscribers that frequently associated with Crisp. Regardless of what you may think of Microsoft's actions, we're sure we all share the hope that Brandon will return home quickly and safely.

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