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Report: Some Guitar Hero World Tour peripherals not functioning properly

Many of us will find it easy to imagine the following scenario, having lived it a little over a year ago with the release of an alarmingly similar title -- hordes of rhythm game junkies returned home last night from midnight launch parties at various retailers, cumbersome Guitar Hero: World Tour bundles in tow. Shortly after failing "Eye of the Tiger" for the third time in a row, an upsetting discovery is made -- one (or more) of the bundled instruments doesn't work as intended. The rocking is abated! Hearts are broken! Hands are wrung! Teeth are gnashed!

Sadly, such a scenario has reportedly been experienced by many a concerned forum poster, as threads stating issues with the game's peripherals have sprung up like discontent weeds. Their complaints are many -- one GameFAQs thread includes reports from players with unresponsive cymbals and, less commonly, drum heads; some posters decry their guitar's inability to register every strum; and some complain of faulty fret buttons.

We should point out that there are a number of forum posters who have stated complete satisfaction with their newly acquired fake instruments -- still, Activision has been quick to direct those with busted periphs to their customer service page, where information on how to get warranty replacements from RedOctane is given. We certainly hope the replacement process is a speedy one -- not that you don't already have a gaggle of fully functional instrumentrollers strewn across your den.

[Thanks, Neb.]

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