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Symbian Foundation grabs a dozen more members, ARM / Huawei included

Darren Murph

Just like your extended family, the Symbian Foundation just keeps growing. And growing. And growing. Merely a month and change after coaxing the likes of Sharp, Opera Software, South Korea's KTF, and UIQ to join the perpetually raging party, along comes word that a dozen more have confessed their allegiance. During the first day of the 2008 Symbian Smartphone Show, we were told that over fifty companies were now in support of the Foundation, including twelve newcomers; in no particular alphabetical order, they are ARM, CIeNET, Flander, FUJISOFT, Huawei, Inmote, InnoPath Software, Red Bend, Scalado, Symsource, TRANGO Virtual Processors and Visa. The outfits are all planning to band together in order to create "the world's most open platform for mobile devices" when operations begin in 1H 2009, but until then, everyone's just taking an extended vacation and heading to Fiji to "brainstorm."

[Via Mobileburn]

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